Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Just loving life....

Everyone told me when I had Jameson that time would fly past. 'Enjoy him while he's little!' 'He'll be grown before you know it!'
I rolled my eyes and smiled as I held my little newborn baby... wrapped in a fluffy blue blanket. Time wouldn't fly by... I wouldn't let it.
I've taken every comment like that to heart, and vowed to enjoy EVERY second... and enjoy it, I have.

I have always loved taking pictures. When I got pregnant, I knew that the little one growing inside of me was going to be totally in for it. :o)  I take pictures of everything, and, as Jay can attest, candid photos are my FAVORITE. I love taking pictures when nobody is expecting it.  It is totally priceless what you catch when someone thinks that no one is looking...

As much as I have truly been enjoying every second... I do find that time is going too fast for my liking. Jameson is 18 months old... He is doing SO much... it just makes my head spin. He is running and laughing and talking up a storm. He is learning everyone's name and it just melts my heart when we call Kaitlyn and she pops up on the screen and Jameson lights up and grins, calling out a 'Hey KK!'

I am so proud of the little man that he is becoming. He is growing up to be so self-assured and confident.  He takes every challenge head-on and he is so brave. Sometimes a little too brave, as his daredevil ways have given me a heart attack or two... He is 35 inches tall and weighs 26 pounds. He is so long and skinny and he is SO FAST. He has such a baby face and with the fluffy curls, it always invokes a grin or two when he runs full-speed and we're all left in a whirlwind of his giggles...

I have been asked quite a few times if I think that Jameson is a 'Mama's boy' or a 'Daddy's boy'. I think that I can proudly say that my well-rounded kid is a bit of both. When he wants to run and play and wrestle - he runs straight to Jay. If he hurts something, wants a drink, is sleepy, or just wants a snuggle - to me he runs.  Right now one of his 'cutesies' if he hurts himself he will run to me and I will say... 'Oh no! Do you have a booboo?' And no matter what he has hurt, he will say 'Yes, Mama.'.. and raise his knee up to me so I can kiss it. Hahaha. I love it!!

I've said in the past that I want to make lots of little memories with my little family. Small things that Jameson will remember when he's older, or see pictures of, and smile. For Memorial Day, we took to the backyard and made a mini bonfire! Hahaha. When I say mini - it was mini. Attacked with memories of my own youth, we whipped out the marshmallows and chocolate and made s'mores.
It. Was. Awesome.
*Be still my heart... those ringlets....*

Jameson had sufficiently COATED himself in chocolate and marshmallow... which is obviously the best way to eat a s'more! :o) Instead of dumping him into the bath, I let him swim off the sticky goodness!!

It took a few jump-ins, but we got all of the chocolate off of his face and hands. How he managed to get a piece of marshmallow under his arm, I'll never know - but that was very UNFUN trying to pull out. Hahahaha. He certainly didn't appreciate my interruption of his extreme water-pouring skills.

The other day I decided that it was time to get some of Jameson's art down on canvas. I want to do this every couple of months and hang them up. Imagine my surprise when I dumped down a plate full of colors and reached down to retrieve this finished gem:

My jaw dropped. I am telling you that I had NO hand in this whatsoever. I laid down an old pool that had a hole in it. Took a plate and gave him some pink, blue, and green. Laid down the canvas with the brush and sat back on the couch with my camera.  I did have to shoo Jay inside when Jay realized that not only was Jameson painting the canvas, he was also painting the deck, railings, and siding... But these are MEMORIES PRESERVED IN TIME, PEOPLE! :o)

I just stinkin' love him...

Friday, December 16, 2011

Merry Christmas!!

Well, today is the last day of work until January 3rd, 2012!

Jay has to work every day next week, so it will just be me and Jameson! I am hoping that we are both well by then. I started feeling icky last night and I have a sore throat and runny nose today. Jameson has fighting sickness for 2 weeks now!! What started out as the beginnings of an ear infection turned into an awful cold, and now his nose is running like crazy and he has a horrible cough. I pray that we are all well for Christmas!

Last Saturday, we went to KUMC to see Santa. Thomas and Jessica's church had a 'Breakfast with Santa'. We did some shopping and then went to 'Back to Bethlehem' which is something that I would LOVE to do when Jameson gets a little older. They take this big field, and take it back to Jesus' time. It was so amazing. Starting with the birth of Christ, and then to his crucifixion and resurrection.  It was so touching, and it truly reminds you that Jesus is the real reason for the season.

We leave for South Carolina next Friday to spend Christmas with my family. I am so excited. I haven't had Christmas morning with my family in 8 years. Every time I think about it, I get so excited that I could just cry!! I have also missed Christmas Eve night with Mema and my Mom's side of the family, so this will be a wonderful year!! Jay and I always said that when we had children, that we would alternate Christmases.  I'm hoping that it works out well!